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Dogs Unleashed Microfiber Pet Towel

Dogs Unleashed Microfiber Pet Towel


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Dogs Unleashed Microfiber Pet Towel has strong adsorption capacity, with good hygroscopicity and slip resistance. It can effectively remove dirt from the skin surface without proteolysis and bacteria breeding, which a necessary choice for healthy body care. It also can do outdoor special towel to block cordyceps sinensis invade the body and prevent the body itch.


-The cute claw pattern design is light, durable and easy to carry.

-Light weight and portable size, it can be stored in your car.

-It can be used in a cage to provide a warm and comfortable environment for pets.

-It can protect your sofa, carpet, car, bed, floor or chair.

-Super absorbent and easy to dry, easy to clean, pet hair and dirt are very easy to wash off.

-One size fits all dogs and the clever design allows you to easily take the towel to the beach, the dog park, or even on walks in case it rains.

Basic Specification

Item Name:Dogs Unleashed Microfiber Pet Towel




Color: blue and white

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