Pet Towels

Towels made specifically for pets work better than normal towels. Most towels designed for dogs (or other furry pets) feature special materials that will help wick away the moisture more effectively, and several models feature hand pockets, which make it easier to grip the towel while drying off your pooch.
We believe our pet towels are the best on the market today, mainly because of their suitability for a dog's skin/fur and their ability to absorb water and dry your canine off after bath time in impressive efficiency.
Pet towel is divided commonly into chamois towel and fiber towel two kinds: Chamois towel ia also called deer skin towel again, uses material of polymer of high grade biochemical PVA of entrance high grade to make, which is not true animal chamois. (all shammy towels on the market are synthetic shammy towels).
The common fiber towel is a polyester and nylon composite silk.
About us:
Colorful Stone - Professional pet towels manufacturers in China, specialized in producing high quality microfiber products. Please feel free to wholesale cheap pet towels for sale here from our factory.