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Towel industry, as a sub-item of home textile industry, has developed for many years in China. Towel and bedding are completely different. Towel products, as a stable market, usually belong to low-value consumables.
Towel is a kind of cleanser. With square pure cotton textile characteristic, you can use a method to wring dry wipes the skin after wet in order to achieve the effect that removes besmirch.
When people travel at home, they have to deal with towels. It is usually used to wipe hands, face, sweat and dirt.
From the use of the product: it can be divided into: towel (face towel), pillow towel, bath towel, square towel, napkin, terry quilt, bathrobe and other decorative items and other categories.
From the product process: it can be divided into: cotton thread, no twist, jacquard, satin file (satin), cut velvet, embroidery, printing, gauze, etc.
Towel has many advantaegs and is also very practical with a wide applications such as domestic, hotel, guesthouse, medical treatment endowment institution. We can say, from general and common household to high-grade residence, from star hotels to small hotels, from public service places to medical and old-age care institutions, towels have been widely used in public utilities.
  • Kids Beach Towels

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  • Youth Football Towels

    Youth football towels -When you go outdoors, I believe it is a must-have towel. It is small and light and it will not take up a lot of space in your bag. -After you exercise, it can help dry your body sweat, damp the towel with water, and help your body cool. -Or you work...
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  • Kids Sports Towels

    Kids sports towels -For your child to avoid cold after exercise, this requires a sports towel, and the microfiber material gives this towel a super absorbent function. The material is soft and skin-friendly, it will not hurt the child’s tender skin. -Machine washable and...
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  • Round Beach Towels

    Round beach towels -Quality: premium microfiber towel quality -Soft: The microfiber material makes it more absorbent and easy to dry than normal towels, so that if you accidentally wet it on the beach, it will dry immediately after a while. -Size matters: Our round beach...
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  • Gym Towel Rebel Sport

    Gym towel rebel sport -Quick-drying towels are designed for a variety of uses. Ideal for backpacking, travel, boating, swimming, sports, etc. -A lot of water is absorbed. Dry your body quickly. Reduce drying time. -It is ultra-compact and lightweight, saving outdoor space and...
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  • Microfiber Cool Towel

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  • Cool Towels for Athletes

    Cool towels for athletes -Unique performance: You may not know that it is different from ordinary towels. It is suitable for hot flashes, outdoor activities, indoor sports, heatstroke prevention and sun protection, and absorbs sweat in the hot summer. Everyone can use a...
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  • Kids Hooked Swimming Towels

    Kids hooded swimming towels -Our microfiber swimming towels are well designed and reusable, taking up very little space and are perfect for your training, camping, swimming or any other limited activity. -Whether you are camping, exercising, yoga, swimming or a better bath...
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  • Gym Fitness Towels

    Gym fitness towels -It is made of microfiber fabrics, it is lighter in weight and more compact than regular towels. Unique terry texture design absorbs more moisture than washed towels. -Drying is faster than traditional towels, and the best way to absorb water is to pat your...
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  • Mission Cooling Towels

    Mission cooling towels -Quick cooling 3 steps: Wet the towel, squeeze out the excess water, then swing it a little and place it on your neck or face. When it starts to heat up, swing it again, or soak it with water. The coolness that comes with it will make your summer less...
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  • Spirit Riding Free Towels

    Spirit riding free towels -It has great coverage and absorbent. -Print patterns can be customized to your needs, making these unique designs look even more distinctive. -Be kind to yourself, or use this spirit towel as a perfect gift for your holiday, Mother’s Day, -Father’s...
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  • Car Window Cleaning Cloth

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