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Yarn Dyed Towels

Yarn Dyed Towels


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Yarn Dyed towels will help you washing and drying. Made from 100%polyester, the size is 40*46cm.

Proceed from the high density of weaving structure, our product has the ultra-fine fiber cleaning cloth. Vacuuming area increases the number of times, the surface of an object can be cleaned with a light wipe.

Our products have considerable price advantages. If you are interesting in our products, we will provide you with free samples. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us any time. We are happy to serve you.


-Yarn Dyed towels are extremely soft and does no harm to the swab surface, even in high-precision fields, such as neevi-plated lens, large-scale integrated circuit production process can be used safely.

-Multifunctional- You can use Yarn Dyed towels for the cleaning of  high-grade car, home appliance, furniture, kitchen appliance, or crystal utensils, refined elegant clean is provided, which can make be wiped content bright and clean and ablaze like new.

-Ultrafine fiber, rapid water absorption and rapid drying become one of its remarkable characteristics.


Item Name: Yarn Dyed Towels



Material:100% polyester


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