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Grid Pattern Cloth

Grid Pattern Cloth


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This Grid pattern cloth can be used to clean kitchen, tables, cutlery, and do all kinds of household cleaning. Its cleaning is more efficient than ordinary cloth,  which is available in both wet and dry use. You can use our products to wash dishes, wipe furniture appliances, which easy to use and handy.


-Grid pattern cloth is soft, highly water absorbent, and suitable for kitchen and bathroom. And they are small and easy to carry. 

-The size is 30*30cm and GSM is 360g/m^2. Made by 80% polyester and 20% polyamid, it has exceptional quality that will refresh your kitchen and bathroom.

-It is super soft, no damage to the surface of the object. With strong oil removal ability, it is comfortable to use.


Item Name:Grid Pattern Cloth




Warm tips:

1. Before use, please soak water to wash away the slurry of the cloth;

2. Please hang it to dry after use to extend the service time.

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