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Sea Beach Towels

Sea Beach Towels


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Our Sea beach towels has the characteristics of high water absorption, strong detergency, no depilation, long life, easy to clean, no fading, good air permeability, mildew, super soft and so on. 

Perfect for the upcoming summer holidays, these extra large, brightly coloured beach towels are a must have item in your suitcase this holiday!


-Sea beach towel is made of 100% polyester. The size is 75cm*150cm. Breathable fabric, super absorbent, soft and comfortable to the touch, without adding any chemical ingredients. 

-Featuring colorful, uneven lines for a hand-painted effect, this sea beach towel is up for any adventure you want to take it on, from surfing to sunbathing.

-It effectively evaporates moisture, sucks sweat away from the skin, and keeps you cool.

-Easy to clean and instantly dry, perfect for traveling or going on a beach holiday.

-It doesn't take up too much space and is easy to carry.

-Lightweight, breathable, absorbent, silky, comfortable, healthier and lighter.


Item Name: Sea Beach Towels

Size: 70x140cm

Weight: 254g

Material: 100% polyester

Color: customized color

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