Beach Towels

Welcome to wholesale bulk cheap beach towels for sale here from professional manufacturers in China. Contact our factory for more details.
Beach Towels is made from natural materials and free from harmful chemicals or synthetic materials, which is safer for you & your family.
No matter where you are, the beach towel will make you feel like you are on vacation. Soft and plush this is a must have beach towel for summer fun!
Beach towel is more than just a towel. It's a blanket, a sun bed, a temporary pillow, and a fashion accessory. So, in forthcoming seaside holiday, beach towel can bring comfortable and beautiful mood for you for certain. If you don’t know what you need, and you’re just looking for a great standard towel that will keep you dry and last a good amount of time, you can’t go wrong with this beach towel. Reviewers say it dries quickly and absorbs fast — and they’re soft and thick for ultimate comfort.
Features: fluffy texture, soft touch. No static electricity, no hair no discoloration no ball.
Usage: suitable for blanket, air conditioner, bath towel, sofa, blanket and sand beach.
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