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  • 3M Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    3M microfiber cleaning cloth -Unique 3M microfibers leave dust and oils from Kitchen dirt without the use of chemicals. -No scratches and no hair loss. It will make cleaning easy and convenient, and it great for all small daily and can be washed hundreds of times without...
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  • Grid Pattern Cloth

    Grid pattern cloth -They are soft, highly water absorbent, and suitable for kitchen and bathroom. And they are small and easy to carry. -The size is 30*30cm and GSM is 360g/m^2.It’s exceptional quality will refresh your kitchen and bathroom. -If you are happy to be purchasing...
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  • Yarn Dyed Towels

    Yarn Dyed towels -Yarn Dyed towels are made from polyester and polyamide. -Yarn Dyed Designed will help you washing and drying. The size is 40*40cm and GSM is 360g/m^2. Our products have considerable price advantages. -If you are interesting in our products, we will provide...
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  • Waffle microfiber towel

    -it is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. -The fabric is soft, the water absorption is extremely strong, and it is easy to wring out. After use, it only needs to be washed with water, which can wash away the dirt and dust on the towel surface, which is convenient and...
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  • Glass Cleaning Cloth

    Glass cleaning cloth -Glass cloths are made of 100% polyester. -It’s easy to clean and not easy to fold. Which can use for window、mirror、glass. The size is 40*40cm and GSM is 390g/m^2. -If you are interesting in our products, we will provide you with free samples. -If you...
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  • Tea Cleaning Towels Kitchen

    Tea cleaning towels kitchen -These are made from polyester and polyamide. Which are used to last long time with strengthen. -They will not scratch your utensils. In the kitchen, it is an indispensable helper. You can use it with peace of mind. -If you happen to need our...
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  • Waffle Towels Kitchen

    Waffle towels kitchen -These are made of polyester and polyamide. -Strong water absorbent and does not hurt your hands. -Also, it is easy to clean and durable and will make your kitchen utensils look renewed. -The size is 30*30cm and GSM is 390g/m^2. We can provide you with...
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  • Terry Dish Towels

    Terry dish towels -These are made of polyester and polyamide. And they are ideal for machine washable and drying. Which are great for kitchen cleaning. -Super soft feeling makes you simply fall in love with this towel and use it again and again. These towels will give you a...
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  • Dish Cloth and Mesh Cloth

    Dish cloth and Mesh cloth -Special design and fabric will make the oil stain on the kitchen utensils quickly fall off and will not scratch the hand. -It is suitable for washing dishes, pots and pans. It is super absorbent, fast drying and no velvet. -I believe that every...
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  • Brass Polishing Cloth

    Brass polishing cloth -The polishing cloth is crafted to be very smooth, like silk. But still have enough texture to clean water marks on the surface of the glass. -Our high quality microfiber cloth is a blend of ultra-soft polyester and polyamide that gently cleans kitchen...
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  • Microfiber Printed Towels

    Microfiber printed towels -Microfiber cloths become strong enough to clean all dirt and make the surface sparkle. -The design of our fabric will not scratch your utensils. Which make our home safer and healthier. And we can accept different sizes for your use. -If you want to...
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  • Dish Washing Scrubbing Cloth

    Dishwashing scrubbing cloth -No scratches, it can quickly remove stubborn stains and no odor. It is suitable for all surfaces and easy to dry. -The design of our fabric will not scratch your utensils and can remove tough stains and buildup. -If you are looking for a partner,...
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