Brushed and Printed Flannel Blanket

Brushed and Printed Flannel Blanket

type: single layer
material: flannel fleece
size: 150x200cm...

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Basic Info

Item Name: Brushed and printed flannel fleece blanket 

Construction: Single layer blanket

Size: 150*200cm

Weight: 850g

Grams per square meter: 235g/m^2

Crafts: Brushed, printed

Attention: Grams per square meter could be changed within operable range. We are in favor of customized pattern and provide OEM service. Moreover, free samples are ready if customers are willing to afford express fee.

For more details, please contact us through email. We are always here.


This Brushed and printed flannel fleece blanket is ultra soft. It features colorful fabric on back and on the front. The set is tied together with a grey ribbon. 

Brushed for softness, our brushed and printed flannel fleece blanket is designed to reduce pilling and has a microfinish for extra softness and luxury. It is also our beautiful and warm fleece.


-Our fleece is machine washable, best to hang dry to prevent static build-up.

-A Brushed and printed flannel fleece blanket to keep you cosy on cold winter nights, while adding a touch of glamour. Ideal for your bed or sofa.

-Great zipper stealth design, not hurt the skin, will not affect the unity of the whole aesthetic feeling.

Washing Cares:
1. In order to prevent the dyeing, please avoid washing with other dark fabric.
2. Choose neutral detergent, soaking time shall not exceed 30 minutes.
3. Washing machine program please select soft washing.



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