Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws are a kind of commonly used bedding with heat preservation function. Compared with quilt, it is much thinner. Its raw materials are mostly animal fibers (such as wool, mohair, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel hair, yak hair) or acrylic fiber, viscose fiber and other chemical fibers, and some animal fibers and chemical fibers are blended.
Classification of blankets:
Press use to still can be devided as bed blanket, knee blanket, beach blanket.
Blankets can also be specially prepared: flame retardant blankets, anti - bacterial finishing, negative ion finishing and so on.
Blankets are divided into double blankets, single blankets, child blankets and other specifications. Blanket cleaning
1. Good quality low special detergent and neutral alkaline detergent washing, water temperature should be at about 35 ℃.
2. Blanket cannot be washed by machine. In order to keep the blanket clean and reduce the washing frequency of the blanket, a blanket cover can be added to the blanket.
3. Bnket in use should be often air drying, and gently pat, so that the sweat, dust and dandruff adhered to the blanket is removed, keep the blanket clean and dry, prevent moth and mildew.
4. It needs to be basked in before putting, clip the camphor ball that puts a few paper to wrap in folded blanket, reoccupy plastic bag bag is sealed later, store in dry ambry.
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