Cutting Strip Flannel Throw

type: double layer
front: flannel fleece
back: shu-velveteen

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Cutting Strip Flannel Throw selected flannel ultrafine fiber and was carefully produced. It has the advantages of fine texture, light, rich color and soft feel silky smooth. In summer, you can use it as a cool quilt; when in winter, the good quality blankets will be for you and your children to provide enough warmth.


-Good quality: flannel fabric, fluffy and soft wool ring, feel thick and soft and comfortable touch, no irritation to the skin.

-Breathable: each piece of Cutting Strip Flannel Throw is longitudinal bending woven into a net, increasing the gap between the nap, moisture will be more easily distributed, not sticky not greasy, which is more comfortable to use.

-Mutifunctional: it is durable, moisture-proof, easy to store and resistant to insect and microorganism.


Item Name: Cutting Strip Flannel Throw

Front side: flannel

Back side: sherpa

Craft: ks strip

Size:127x152 cm

Material: 100% polyester

Color: creamy white

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