Brushed PV Fleece Throw

Brushed PV Fleece Throw

type: double layer
front: PV fleece
back: Sherpa
size: 127x152cm(50"x60")...

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Our company has been making high quality Brushed PV fleece throw for decades. We provid blankets to keep you warm and toasty on cool evenings. 

It comes with embossed floral or geometric pattern design. Elegant blankets is silky smooth to touch and fluffy with strong ability to retain heat. The new generation of printing and dyeing technology makes its color more solid and bright.Besides, it has the advantages of no fading, no pilling and no shedding.


Item Name: Brushed PV fleece throw

front: 270gsm PV fleece back printed

back: 220gsm sherpa(white)

size: 127x152cm

How to store Brushed PV Fleece Throw

1, Expose to sunshine: for the storage of fleece throw, we should pay attention to, not long-term putting in a cool place. When necessary, we need to bask it in strong sunlight, which is conducive to sterilization and mildew prevention.

2, storage attention: when placing fleece throw, we should pay attention to it around without sharp, rough objects stacked. The placement of these items can easily lead to deterioration, and the cold effect will be reduced.

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