Strip Flannel and Shu Velveteen Blanket

Strip Flannel and Shu Velveteen Blanket

type: double layer
front: flannel fleece
back: shu-velveteen
size: 150x200cm...

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Basic Info

Product Name: Strip flannel and shu velveteen blanket

Construction: Double layer blanket

Size: 140*195cm

Front layer: Strip flannel fleece 250g/m^2

Back layer: Shu velveteen fleece 220g/m^2

Use:Airplane, Home, Hotel, Picnic, Travel

Attention: Size and grams per square meter could be changed if the fabrics support. If you are willing to customize, please contact us through email to offer your details.


This Strip flannel and shu velveteen blanket features advanced warm and soft feelings with the rich design that is gentle on your skin and also looks good for decoration as well. Its material flannel fleece is hypoallergenic which make it friendly even with those who hasve sensitive and allergic skin. With this soft flannel and shu velveteen blanket, no matter what season you are in, you can hide under this blanket all day. It's also a great gift for your friends or family.


Material- Made of high-quality fleece, it gives you the fullest comfort and warmth during a cold evening on your couch.

Big size-This strip flannel and shu velveteen blanket comes in a larger size than the normal one which is still convenient enough for covering your whole body to keep your warm.

Light wight- As it is light in weight and soft in fabric, it is also easy to care as well. Its portable size allows you to take it anywhere such as Airplane, Home, Hotel, Picnic, Travel.

Decorative- It is only for your comfort, but also a great piece of clothing to decorate your living room. This blanket can give your living room the new looks and the atmosphere of the room.

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