Jacquard Bear Shu Velveteen Blanket

Jacquard Bear Shu Velveteen Blanket

type: double layer
front: shu-velveteen
back: Sherpa
size: 150x200cm...

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Basic INFP

Item Name:Jacquard bear Shu velveteen blanket

Construction: Double layer blanket

Size: 150*210cm

Weight: 1610g

Front layer: Jacquard shu velveteen fleece

Back layer: Sherpa fleece

Attention: We support customized pattern and grams per square meter. If customers are interested with this jacquard bear blanket, please consult us whether our fabrics support your requirements. For more details, you are welcome to send email to us.


-Lightweight portable: Fashion hem design. Small and portable style for office and home, Jacquard bear Shu velveteen blanket can flexibly follow one's inclinations take.

-Uniform fabric: Flannel fabric surface, with fine nap neatly covered with rich and delicate feel.

-No pilling trouble: microfiber is thick, which is not easy to shed hair and take care of pilling.

-There are many uses for it: Whether it's an office lunch break, a knee mat, or an air-conditioned room, our Jacquard bear Shu velveteen blanket can meet your needs.

Maintenance method: 

1. It can be put into the washing machine for cleaning. It is recommended to use cold water for cleaning with the temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. 

2. It is recommended to dry in a sunny place.

3. Dry cleaning is not recommended. Chemicals may affect product quality.

4. If not used for a long time, please put it in a dry and hygienic place.



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