Cutting Strip Flannel Blanket

Cutting Strip Flannel Blanket

type: double layer
front: flannel fleece
back: Sherpa
size: 150x200cm...

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Basic Info 

Item Name: Cutting strip flannel blanket

Construction: Double layer blanket

Size: 150*200cm

Front layer: Cutting strip flannel fleece 220g/m^2

Back layer: Sherpa 210g/m^2

Attention: Size and grams per square meter could be regulated within a certain range. It must be good news for customers who are ready to customize blankets. Besides, we support OEM/ODM service.  Contact us directly whatever you have interests or questions.


Enjoy the comfortable warmth with a modern style with our Cutting strip flannel blanket at the hem. The unique knitting technology makes this fabric too soft to resist and super high. And it's light enough to be used all year round.

Super soft and plush, this Cutting strip flannel blanket provides you with luxurious texture and warmth throughout the year. It's perfect on the sofa or by the fire, and an extra layer on the bed.

How do you hang a flannel blanket? 

The good choice is to use two bamboo pole parallel build up namely, put blanket above next shade place slowly shade dry.

Avoid by all means direct insolate in sunshine, in case blanket fades color is out of shape. 

After drying the blanket, try to brush it again with a brush to restore its original soft feel and beautiful appearance.

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