Cable Strip Blanket

Cable Strip Blanket

type: double layer
front: knitting cloth
back: shu-velveteen
size: 150x200cm...

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Basic Info

Item Name:Cable strip blanket

Construction: Double layer blanket

Size: 140*200cm

Weight: 1480g

Front layer: Knitting cloth

Back layer: Shu velveteen fleece

Attention: Support OEM/ODM. Support customized size and patterns. So if customers want to customize blankets please feel free to contact us. 


Cable strip blanket has the advantages of fine texture, soft touch, no hair, no ball and don't rub off. It is a perfect choice for employees year-end benefits and the gift to send customers and friends.

We will try our best to meet your requirements. Besides, we are willing to provide free samples. Customers could also send email to us if you have any doubts.


1. It is suitable for use in spring, summer, autumn and winter, both lovely and warm blanket for you and your children through a warm day.

2. Cable strip blanket can be covered or spread. It's very soft. Super soft, super smooth, soft to the touch, light and warm to cover. 

3. It can regard as cover quilt and also a sheet, allowing you to feel especially warm with skin contact directly. 

4. Fabric features : fine texture, soft touch, no hair loss, no ball. Don't rub off. No irritation or allergy to skin. Beautiful appearance, rich color.


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