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Towel Selection Is Not Careful, It Hurts Your Eyes.
Aug 24, 2018

Towel selection is stressful:

(1) Purchase. Try to buy in large shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores, and choose the products of regular manufacturers.

(2) Identification. Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo and indicate the manufacturer, origin, telephone, trademark, implementation standards, washing methods, etc.

(3) feel. High quality towels are generally soft, fluffy and elastic.

(4) Appearance. The color of the good towel is brighter, the pattern is printed clearly, the loops are even, and the seams are neat.

(5) Odor-qualified towel products should have no odor.

In addition, the family can also do some quality identification when using the towel. If the water drops dripping on the new towel can be quickly absorbed, the towel has good water absorption. High-quality towels have a feeling of elasticity and friction when used, and the water does not fade. Inferior towels have poor water absorption, are loose, inelastic, and slippery when used. They are more fading when dropped, and are more irritating to the skin and eyes.

Small towels should also be used scientifically

(1) Dedicated for special use, special towel

In recent years, China's towel industry has developed rapidly. The products are of various types and grades. There are various varieties of flowers, such as square towels, face towels, bath towels, napkins, tea towels, kitchen towels, etc., as well as children's towels, adult towels, ladies. Beauty towels and so on, to meet the various needs of different levels of consumption. According to China's national conditions, the minimum standard for the number of consumers to use towels should be male (Article) female three (Article), and promote male three (Article) Female four (Article).

(2) Correctly wash and disinfect regularly.

When washing your face or bathing, rinse it off with shower gel and water, then dry it with a dry towel. This will reduce the adhesion of human dirt to the towel. After the towel is used up, it should be cleaned in time. It should be sterilized by boiling water for 10 minutes every week. The airing place should be ventilated. It is best to dry or dry in time.

(3) Replace in time.

Changing towels in time is the key to changing the traditional misunderstanding. Towels are generally used for three months.

(4) Special treatment.

The hardening of the towel is mainly caused by the combination of free calcium and magnesium ions in the water and soap, which is caused by the adhesion of calcium magnesium soap to the towel. The accumulation of long-term dirt remains a cause of hardening. To make it soft, add 30 grams of soda ash or 1.5 grams of water to cook for 10 minutes. After the towel becomes greasy, it can be washed with salt water.

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