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Teach You To Clean The Microfiber Towel Correctly
Jan 14, 2019

In the cold and humid environment, it is a hot bed of locusts, and the microfiber towel placed in the damp bathroom will make the locusts adhere to it. The mites, secretions and excretions are the most important allergens. Therefore, we need to disinfect the towel regularly. Today we will talk about the towel disinfection method and daily use skills.
Daily use skills
Clean every day
Many home bathrooms are not well ventilated and are prone to bacteria. Insist on washing the towel once a day with water, then hang it in the sun or in a ventilated place to dry.
Monthly high temperature cooking
According to home textile experts, personal towels should be replaced in about 30 days, up to 40 days. Otherwise, it is necessary to heat the towel to disinfect and soften the towel. Because the towel has been used for a long time, and it has become uncomfortable to become hard, the most important thing is that it is harmful to the human body.
Do not use the towel wet
Washing your face with a wet towel is tantamount to using bacterial skin care. Pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli and anaerobic bacteria can survive in wet towels for more than two days. Whether it is to wash your hair, wash your face, or wash your feet, it is best to use a dry towel, which is good for your health and also helps maintain the microfiber towel. To develop the habit of using towels, dry them in time.
Towel disinfection method
Cooking and disinfection
Boil the towel in boiling water for about 10 minutes, then wash it with soapy water and dry it before use.
Microwave disinfection
Wash the towel clean, fold it and put it in the microwave oven. It can be used for 5 minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection.
High pressure steam sterilization
Put the towel in the pressure cooker and heat it for about 30 minutes to destroy most of the microorganisms. However, this method will affect the color fastness and hardness of the towel. It is not recommended to use it frequently.
Chemical disinfectant disinfection
Disinfectant can choose to dilute 200 times of cleaning disinfectant, soak the towel in the solution for more than 15 minutes, then take out the towel and rinse with water, remove the residual disinfectant, and dry it, then you can use it again.

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