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Teach You How To Restore Soft Tips On Cotton Towels
Aug 24, 2018

Towels are daily necessities that we touch every day. Many times we will find that a pure cotton towel, even if it is made of high-quality cotton, even if we use it fine, the cleaning is clean, it can't change it slowly, yellow, rough. The phenomenon.

This is because the characteristics of the cotton fiber in the cotton gift towel are determined by the characteristics of the cotton fiber, the acid resistance of the cotton fiber is poor, and our skin is weakly acidic. The towel is in contact with the skin for a long time, in an acidic environment, in the towel. The fibers are destroyed, the softness is reduced, and the hand feels rougher, which is one of the reasons why towels are considered as consumables.

The towel has a strong alkali resistance, and the weak base has a certain benefit for the towel. If the towel becomes hard and rough, it can be boiled in weak alkaline water to make the towel soft. When the towel factory produces the towel, it will also add a little alkaline water to make the towel softer and feel better. If the towel is treated in an alkaline environment of 20%, a silky towel can be obtained.

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