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Teach You How To Properly Disinfect Towels
Aug 24, 2018

If you want a towel to be truly sterilized, you must use it exclusively for special purposes. The towel is autoclaved weekly, heated in a microwave for a few minutes, and it is best to replace it with a new towel for three months.

The quality of the towel depends mainly on the yarn and fiber composition. Some towels are added with a softener, which is very soft and slippery, but has poor water absorption. The towels currently sold on the market are generally divided into three major types, and the water absorption is also different. The public can distinguish them by small labels on the sides of the towels.

The first type is a cut-down towel, which is very soft and comfortable to use. It has stronger moisture absorption and softness than ordinary towels.

The second jacquard towel is very beautiful, the pattern is exquisite and meticulous, the color is colorful and changeable, but the hygroscopicity and softness are slightly inferior.

The third type is a crepe-free towel, which is very soft to the touch and has a particularly good water absorption. It also protects the skin. The crepe-free towel is a more fashionable beauty towel now.

A simple disinfection of the towel after a period of use

Wash your face before washing your face. Use a towel to dry the water instead of rubbing your face with a towel.

The towel is sticky after being used for a period of time, indicating that there is dirt in the towel, and the dirt and dirt in the dirt are more. Because the general soap/even soap is not very good in removing oil, the oil is accumulated after a long period of time. stick.

The easiest way to remove the oil from the towel is to use an alkaline solution. Because grease and alkali produce soap at high temperatures, this not only removes the grease from the towel, but the resulting soap also has a strong temperature at a certain temperature. Decontamination. Therefore, the treated towel will basically return to its original state.

If you want the treated towel to be softer and have a certain aroma, you can put the water-washed towel into the acid solution and soak it (a few drops of white vinegar in water) and knead it properly. After 3~5 minutes, remove and screw it. Dry, change the amount of water, add a few drops of scented fiber softener for a few minutes, dry it properly, the effect will definitely exceed your imagination.

The towel is in contact with us every day, and it can be said that it is one of the companions in life. Towels should generally be replaced in about 30 days, and it is recommended that each person should have more than one towel, otherwise the bacteria on the towel will hurt your skin.

Home textile experts said: Unscientific use of towels will affect health. Especially in the summer, it is advisable to have multiple towels per person. The towel is small, but it has to accompany people's life. If the towel contains a lot of bacteria and viruses, it will penetrate into the body through the facial features and skin, affecting health.

When washing your face or taking a bath, rinse it with shower gel and water, then dry it with a dry towel. This will reduce the adhesion of dirt on your body. After the towel is used up, it should be cleaned in time. It should be sterilized by boiling water for 10 minutes every week. The airing place should be ventilated. It is best to dry or dry in time.

Regularly heat the towel at high temperature

According to home textile experts, personal towels should be replaced in about 30 days, up to 40 days. Otherwise, it is necessary to heat the towel to disinfect and soften the towel. Because the towel has been used for a long time, and it has become uncomfortable to become hard, the most important thing is that it is harmful to the human body.

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