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Spectacle Cloth That Protects The Lens From Injury
Jan 09, 2019

Lenses are important for today's "glasses"; there is a difference between the lenses of myopia and the glasses of myopia glasses, which are easier to scratch than presbyopic lenses. It is necessary for us to pay more attention to cleaning and wiping, and then in order to better clean and maintain the glasses, we should choose a softer glasses cloth.

There are a lot of tiny dust particles on the lens. If you use ordinary glasses to wipe, you will let the cloth rub the dust particles back and forth on your lens. To put it white, use sandpaper to rub back and forth on the lens. The injury is hard. Instead, using microfiber glasses will not have this problem. Because the fineness of the microfiber is extremely fine, the fabric feels very soft, so it is not easy to damage the lens.
Microfiber glasses cloth can prolong the service life of the lens; prevent the traditional cleaning cloth from wiping off the lens and leaving water marks; thoroughly remove the stubborn stains left on the lens to make the picture clear; the disposable wipe lens is clean and fast. Convenient; remove the bacteria on the lens to achieve the disinfection function; clean the surface of glasses, glass mirrors and other mirrors of various glass, resin and other materials, remove stains, absorb grease; wrapped glasses can play a buffering role, effective textile collision or Scratch damage to sharp hard objects; absorb moisture attached to the frame and keep it dry.

In addition to the need to clean and maintain the ophthalmic lens, the glasses cloth needs to be washed, you can wash it with laundry detergent. Dissolve the laundry solution with water (preferably warm water), then soak the microfiber glasses cloth for 15 minutes, then clean. The material of the glasses cloth is also very important. It is best to rinse the glasses with water every time you wipe the glasses. Keep your glasses clean and go to the optical shop for ultrasonic cleaning. If it is not convenient, you can use glasses to clean the glasses, but try not to scratch the glasses.

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