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Several Small Steps To Improve The Softness Of The Towel
Aug 24, 2018

After using the towel for a long time, it will inevitably appear to be hard. And when you use it again, it is not as comfortable as it was just bought, not soft enough. Many people will throw away the previous ones and go to the supermarket to buy a new one. In fact, this method is more wasteful, because any towel used for a long time, it will be a little hard, just need to learn some care and cleaning can be restored as before, so don't change the towel because it is hard.

Through some towel wholesalers, we know that if you pay attention to cleaning and regularly use some softener, then you can restore the towel to its original softness. When the textile towel appears hard and becomes no longer soft, you can pour the appropriate softener to soak the textile towel for 10 minutes, then take it out to the sun, then when it is dry, you will obviously find it better than before. It is much softer.

For some gifts and towels presented by some supermarkets, when you have a hard time, you can use some rice water directly to soak, saving money and increasing softness. At the same time, it can be directly immersed under high temperature, so that the textile towel can be restored to softness without spending money.

There are also some ways to maintain the softness of the towel. That is the time to disinfect, because too much bacteria is also a key to making the textile towel hard. So in daily life, as long as you can easily learn these small steps, it will be easy to keep the softness of the towel.

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