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Operation Mod Of Microfiber
Dec 07, 2018

-Microfibers can absorb dust, particles, and liquids that are 7 times their own weight. Each filament has only 1/200 of the hair. This is why microfibers have superior cleaning power. The gap between the filaments can absorb dust, oil, and dirt until it is washed away with water or soap or detergent.

-These voids also absorb a large amount of water, so the microfibers have a strong water absorption. Moreover, since it is only stored in the void, it can be quickly dried, so that the growth of bacteria can be effectively prevented.

-Ordinary fabric: only backlog and push dirt. There will be residues left on the surface being cleaned. Because there is no gap to hold the dirt, the surface of the rag will be dirty and difficult to clean.

-Microfiber fabric: Countless tiny spatulas can shovel and store dirt until it is washed away. The end result is a clean, smooth surface. Wet use can make dirt and oil emulsified, and microfiber can be wiped off more easily. High water absorption makes it very fast to clean spilled liquid.

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