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Ministry Of Commerce: Chinese And American Teams Maintain Close Communication On The Details Of The Consultation
Dec 14, 2018

At the regular press conference on December 13, the Ministry of Commerce spokesperson said that the Chinese and American teams maintained close communication on the details of the consultation and progressed smoothly. The Chinese side welcomes the US to conduct consultations in China and maintain an open attitude toward communication with the United States.

On December 11, the Vice Premier of the State Council and the leader of the China-US Economic and Trade Consultation, Liu Heying, spoke to the US side. The two sides exchanged views on implementing the consensus on the meeting between the two heads of state and promoting the next economic and trade consultations.

Gao Feng also said that agricultural products, energy, and automobiles are specific issues that China and the United States have reached consensus. Soybeans have always been an important variety of Chinese imports of US agricultural products, and there is huge market demand in China. Specific details will be announced.

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