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Microfiber Absorbent Towel Details
Jan 14, 2019
Microfiber towel has developed rapidly in the towel industry with the characteristics of “high water absorption, strong detergency, no hair removal, easy cleaning and strong detergency”. Microfiber towels are now a must-have for home living. Widely used in personal bathroom, utensil scrub, beauty salon, car wash and other industries. Especially allergic patients or people who are allergic to chemicals will like microfiber wipes. Because they don't need to use any chemicals when wiping. Microfiber wipes are reusable and extremely durable. After each use, just put the cleaning towel in clean water and wash it again.
The definition of microfibers is different, and fibers having a denier of 0.3 denier (5 micrometers in diameter) or less are generally referred to as ultrafine fibers. Ultrafine filaments of 0.00009 denier have been produced abroad. If such a filament is pulled from the earth to the moon, its weight will not exceed 5 grams. At present, China has been able to produce 0.13-0.3 denier ultrafine fibers, and the diameter of microfibers is only one-twentieth of that of pure cotton fibers.
Features: 0.4μm diameter fiber fineness is only 1/10 of the silk. The warp-knitted terry cloth made of imported textile machine has a uniform, compact, soft and high-elastic fine pile, which has strong decontamination and water absorption properties. No damage to the surface to be wiped, no cilia falling off the common cotton fabric; easy to wash, durable.
 Microfiber towels mainly have six characteristics:
 1. High water absorption: The microfiber adopts the orange-petal technology to divide the filament into eight lobes, which increases the surface area of the fiber, increases the porosity in the fabric, enhances the water absorption effect by capillary wicking effect, rapidly absorbs water and rapidly dries into it. Significant characteristics.
 2. Strong decontamination: The fineness of microfibers with a diameter of 0.4μm is only 1/10 of that of silk. Its special cross section can effectively capture dust particles as small as a few microns, and the degreasing effect is very obvious.
 3. No hair removal: high-strength synthetic fiber filaments, not easy to break, at the same time using fine weaving method, no spinning, no stripping, fiber is not easy to fall off the towel surface. It is used to wipe the wipes. The wipes are especially suitable for wiping bright paint surfaces, plating surfaces, glass, instruments and LCD screens. The glass is cleaned during the car film process, which can achieve a very good film effect.
 4. Long life: Due to the high strength and toughness of the microfiber, its service life is more than 4 times that of ordinary towels. After repeated washing, the star remains unchanged. At the same time, the polymer fiber does not produce protein like cotton fiber. Hydrolysis, even if it is not dried after use, it will not be moldy, rot, smell, and has a long life.
 5. Easy to clean: When using ordinary towels, especially natural fiber towels, the dust, grease, dirt, etc. on the surface of the object will be directly absorbed into the fiber. After use, it will remain in the fiber and will not be easily removed. It takes a long time. After that, even lose flexibility and affect the use. The microfiber towel absorbs the dirt between the fibers (instead of the inside of the fiber), and the fiber has a high fiber density and a high density, so the adsorption capacity is strong, and it is only necessary to clean with water or a little detergent after use.
 6. No fading: The dyeing process of microfiber towel adopts TF-215 dyeing agent for microfiber material, and its retarding, transferability, high temperature dispersibility and decolorization index all meet the strict standards of export international market. In particular, it does not fade, so that it does not cause discoloration pollution when cleaning the surface of the article.
 Microfiber towel use precautions:
  1. When cleaning furniture, home appliances, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, flooring, shoes, clothing, be sure to use wet towels, not dry towels, because dry towels are not easy to clean after staining, especially when used for the first time.
  2, the towel must be cleaned in time after dirty, can not wait for half a day or even a day to clean, it is undoubtedly very difficult. Once the towel is stained with tea and stain, it should be cleaned immediately.
  3, dish towel can only be used for washing dishes, not for washing iron pans, especially rusty iron pan, the rust on the iron pan will be absorbed by the towel, not easy to clean.
  4. Do not iron the towel with iron. Do not use hot water above 60 °C.
  5. Do not wash towels with bleach and softener.
  6, do not use too much force at the beginning of the beauty towel, there will be no problem after a few days, the skin will adapt to this towel.

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