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Identification Of Towel Quality
Jan 11, 2019

1. Hygroscopicity. Hang the towel, smear it on the towel with your hands, and the water drops do not roll off, indicating that the water absorption is good; if the water drops roll, it indicates that the softener in the towel is excessive or insufficiently refined.
2, color fastness. First, pour hot water of about 80 °C into the basin, then put the towel up and down to lift the wash, the water in the basin is not discolored. If there is obvious color drop, it indicates that the quality of printing and dyeing is poor, which may hinder human health.
3. Pull the loop of the towel edge into a loop, ignite it with fire, burn quickly, grayish black ash, light and slag is pure cotton or cellulose recycled fiber. If there is a hard block in the burning of the ash, the yarn is a blended yarn mixed with chemical fiber.

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