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How To Deal With Odorous Microfiber Towel
Jan 14, 2019
The towels in your house have a strange smell. The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Everyone has more and more opportunities to wash their faces and wipe the sweat. It often takes a long time to give off a strange smell. It feels wet and sticky. Quite uncomfortable!
    Especially for people who are prone to oil on their faces, sometimes they just use a towel that wipes their face, but they have not been used to wipe other parts, but they are still used for a long time to get wet and sticky.
    How is the towel used correctly? Is there a coup to make the towel dry, fresh and not sticky? Now let's take a look at the precautions and cleaning tips of the towel!
    1, wash your face towel alone
It is recommended that the towel for washing your face should not be used to wipe the sweat, rub the body, etc., only use it after washing your face, because when using a towel to wipe the body, the secretions, bacteria, dirt and grease on the body are easy to adhere to the towel, if not Regular disinfection and cleaning will become sticky or dry, so it is best to wash the towel once a week so that the bacteria on the towel will not damage the skin.
    2, high temperature disinfection is most effective
When cleaning the towel, you can first boil the towel in boiling water for 10 minutes, then wash it with detergent. After washing, take it to a dry place to dry. If you feel that it is a little troublesome to boil water, you can also take the microwave for 5 minutes after cleaning the towel, which can also achieve the effect of high temperature sterilization.
    3, with vinegar and soda powder to taste
In addition, vinegar or soda powder can also be used to remove the taste. According to the general laundry procedure, add two spoons of white vinegar to the washing machine, or add appropriate amount of hot water. Do not add laundry detergent, softener or anything else at this time, directly start the washing machine. Cleaning. After the cleaning process is finished, you can add a little laundry soap or soda powder and wash it again to remove most of the odor and stickiness.
    In terms of use, after using the towel, the towel should be dried to prevent the towel from being moldy, especially the towel, or immediately after using the towel.
    If there is a window in the bathroom, it is best to open and open the curtains during the day to ventilate and let the sun shine in, so as to avoid the mold and the mildew. In addition, the towel should not be dried as much as possible, so that the sun should be exposed to the sun to have a bactericidal effect, and there will be no taste.
    If the towel has become sticky or hardened, you can add alkaline cleaner in the water or wash it with salt. After washing, rinse it with water to improve it. Salt also has the effect of removing odor. If you can't remove the smell, it means that the life of the towel is almost the same. It is recommended to change the new towel!

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