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How To Choose A High Quality Towel When Buying A Towel
Aug 24, 2018

Towels are in direct contact with the skin and are related to the health of the human body. If you purchase an unqualified product, the consequences are imaginable. If you damage the skin, the human body will be harmed by the harmful substances contained in the inferior towel. Moreover, some towel factories will make fakes on the label of the product. Therefore, quality is important and quality is more important through the surface of the towel.

First, observe the appearance of the product. If the sewing of the product is very fine, the lines are straight and straight, there is no edge, no off-line, neat copying, the width and width are the same, and the tightness of the whole product is the same, without any unnecessary frizz, then we basically It can be judged that this is a quality-passenging product, because the strict workmanship shows that the factory attaches importance to the quality of the towel, and the so-called details determine the quality, which is the reason.

Second, look at the feel. Touch the product by hand. If it feels soft and fluffy, it has elasticity, and there is no impurity falling when tapping, then it should be a good product. On the contrary, it is rough, hard, hard, and the quality is sure to be doubtful. The place.

Smell the smell again. The quality of the product is without any odor. If you can smell the smell of a candle, it means that the softener is used in the production process. If it has a sour taste, it may be the pH value exceeding the standard. If it smells, it may contain Formaldehyde that has significant harm to the human body.

Only you can grasp the above points of several purchase products, whether it is a single purchase, or wholesale towels; whether it is daily use, or gift towels, quality problems will be invisible under your eyes.

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