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How Long Could The Microfiber Cleaning Towel Use?
Jan 15, 2019

Microfiber terry cloths are also very durable, they can be machine washed 200 times without deformation and still maintain their effectiveness, which makes it a very affordable and cost-effective cleaning product.
The scope of use of microfiber towels: the advantages and applications of microfiber towels are endless, and microfiber towels can be used for cleaning any surface of general homes, offices, shops, showrooms, villas, etc.
In the kitchen: Microfiber cleaning towels can be used to clean the area: stainless steel, ceramic cooktops, sinks, granite countertops, cutlery, crystals, glassware, all appliances, cabinets, etc.
In the bathroom or laundry: Microfiber cleaning towels can be used to clean mirrors, bathtubs, shower doors, tiles, faucets, vanity tops and more.
Around the house: Microfiber clean towels can be used as cleaning wipe windows, mirrors, glass, dusting, musical instruments, furniture, chrome, jewelry, pet care, tiles, laminates and hardwood floors.
In the garage or basement: used to clean wipe bicycles, ships, motorcycles, classic cars, sports equipment,
At work: Clean and wipe dust from computer screens, keyboards, furniture, floors and fixtures.
In your body: in the gym, spa, bath, hair and body used as sports towels, bath towels, dry hair towels, etc.
Microfiber cleaning towel is very fine, because it is very fine, only 1/200 of the hair silk after opening, which enhances the toughness and antibacterial wear resistance of the towel. When you use it properly, it is fine. Fiber cleaning towels will have a much longer life and will last much longer than regular cotton fiber towels. After use, please wash the cleaning cloth in time, clean the dust stains, and then dry it after washing.

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