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How Is The Microfiber Towel So Light? What Is The Proportion Of The Microfiber Towel?
Jan 18, 2019

1: Microfiber is a kind of differentiated fiber that has developed rapidly in recent years. It is called a new generation of synthetic fiber. It is a high-quality, high-tech textile raw material. It is a high-tech, high-simulation chemical fiber. a typical representative of the development of new synthetic fibers;
2: Its surface properties are uniform, compact, soft, high-elastic fine velvet. It has strong decontamination and water absorption properties. It has no damage to the surface to be wiped. It does not produce the common cilia peeling off of cotton fabrics. It is easy to wash and durable. And so on to make a towel;
3: It is generally made up of 80% polyester and 20% nylon, with a ratio of 4 to 1.

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