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Four Major Domestic Development Trends In The Towel Market
Aug 24, 2018

Trend 1: With the different needs of consumers and daily necessities, only innovative products are the king of sales. With the advancement of science and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' demand for daily necessities does not only remain on the basis of the original products. Nowadays, consumers are paying more and more attention to the needs of fashion, environmental protection, decoration, health and personalization, so they have formed a campaign for enterprises to carry out product innovation. If a company wants to occupy the market for a long time, then it must find a breakthrough from innovation. For example, for example, the towel toys developed on the market are popular in Wuhan and other regions. It can be seen that changing the original product form has achieved a better sales effect.

Trend 2: Competition enters a deeper level. With more and more new-born enterprises and more and more competition, they have gradually developed from competition in products, prices, and advertisements to deeper terminal competition, service competition, and business model competition. Who can maximize the integration of resources, especially modern commercial retail resources, while building a long-term deep communication with the target consumer group, forming a strong competitive edge in this important sales market, and effectively understanding the competition in the same industry. Developed to effectively occupy the market.

Trend 3: The increase in towel sales will occur from the female market. For a family, the amount of women's purchases is often much larger than that of men. The manufacturers only need to grasp the consumer psychology of women, and believe that they will occupy most markets at that time. That means whoever takes the lead in occupying this market and gains the enthusiasm of the female consumer group can decide who is in the Chinese towel market.

Trend 4: Towels have gradually evolved into sales channels for specialty stores. Most people may see that towel products are generally sold in towel wholesale markets, supermarket stores, department stores, etc. However, some people do not know that the current towel products have already opened the operation of specialty stores in the domestic first- and second-tier markets. mode.

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