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Difference Between Water Absorption Of Cotton Towels And Microfiber Towels
Jan 18, 2019
Cotton towels and microfiber towels are water absorption in two completely different fields. Let's talk about the difference between them today.
Cotton itself is very absorbent, and it is contaminated with a layer of oily material during the process of making the towel. At the beginning of use, the cotton towel does not absorb much water. After three or four times, the oily substance is reduced, and it becomes more and more Water absorption.
Microfiber towel is just the opposite. The water absorption effect is extraordinary in the early stage. As the fiber hardens and becomes brittle over time, its water absorption performance begins to decrease. In a word: the more the cotton towel is used, the more absorbent the microfiber towel is. The less water is absorbed. Of course, a high-quality super-fiber towel can last at least half a year.
The material of the microfiber towel is made of 80% polyester + 20% nylon blend, and its water absorption performance is completely dependent on the nylon component inside, but because the nylon on the market is more expensive than polyester. Nearly 10,000 yuan, so many merchants to reduce the nylon composition in order to save costs, and even use 100% pure polyester material to impersonate, such a towel in the early water absorption effect is no different, but its water absorption time can not save a month. So be sure to choose the right towel for you.

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