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Application Of Microfiber Mirror Cloth
Jan 09, 2019

When using a high-power microscope, the glasses cloth can see how the glasses cloth differs from the general cloth. The inner fibers of the glasses cloth are much tighter than the fibers in the general cloth, and the raw materials of the glasses cloth are also higher than the general materials. The fabric is much softer. This is because most of today's spectacle lenses are film-coated lenses, and each standard lens should have seven layers of different layers on the front and back surfaces. Therefore, the top of the glasses cloth is not easily contaminated with dust, but even if it is, it is necessary to pay attention to frequent cleaning, so that the service life will be longer.
1. The microfiber wiping cloth has a triangular cross section, and the oil can be easily scraped off when wiping. Since the monofilament fiber is extremely fine and the surface area is increased, it is possible to adsorb more water and oil.
2. Use the weaving method of high-tech round machine to avoid fluffing; in case of stubborn or hard stains, it can be used together with special cleaning agent for better effect.
3. LCD screen: can be used for TFT LCD monitor, laptop screen, PDA cleaning, does not hurt the screen coating, leaving no traces of wiping.
4. Appliance cleaning: It can be used for LCD TV, rear projection TV, plasma TV and other home appliance screen cleaning, quietly wipe the screen to be as clean as new.
5. All kinds of CD cleaning: Wipe VCD, DVD disc, folding bright rag edge inward, wipe from the center of the disc to the edge, leaving no batt and scratches. Tips: The life of the LCD screen, in addition to its own manufacturing factors, the key is to protect. Dust, oil and moisture are the most basic protections. Timely cleaning of the screen is the most effective way to extend the life of the device.

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