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Polar Pooch Self Cooling Mat

Polar Pooch Self Cooling Mat


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Polar pooch self cooling mat, a self-cooling mat keeps your doggie cool and comfortable for the entire day! With super comfortable design, high quality material and no toxic gel, it's perfect for cats and dogs. Just lie on the mat and feel cool, it will regulate your dog's core body temperature to reduce the risk of overheating.

The Polar pooch self cooling mat is easy to use and simple to clean. Storing in winter can extend the life of the product. It is suitable for using in crates, floors, sofas, car seats, pet beds and dog kennels.


-Foldable and portable, you can easily carry your pet cooling pad with you, freeing your pet from heat.

-The polar pooch self cooling mat is perfect for keeping your pet cool in hot weather.

-Our durable pet mattresses are non-toxic and safe for animals, adults or children.

-Our multi-functional mats can be used for puppies and kitten beds, dog mattresses, sofa cushions, carpets, and hybrid cars, whether you are at home or on a car/truck.

-The mat does not require cooling or water, making it ideal for cats and dogs. Just lie on the mat simply.


Item Name: Polar Pooch Self Cooling Mat

Size: 50x80cm

Weight: 503g

Material:100% polyester

Color: Yellow

Shape: Square

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