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Pet Mats

  • Dog Cooling Mats

    Dog cooling mats -Cold and polyester fabric, -It is non-toxic, non-stick, skin-friendly, waterproof, easy to clean. -Waterproof pet cooling pad, suitable for small and medium pets such as cats and dogs, effectively help pets cool down, let it feel comfortable in the hot...
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  • Embossed Pet Mats

    Embossed pet mats -This pet pad is made of microfiber and it is absorbent. Immediately absorbs any sewage, splashes or spills. Place under your pet’s food and water bowl to help protect your floor from spills. -Machine wash and dry-every time it looks like new. -Beautiful and...
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  • Cat Food Placemat

    Cat food placemat -It is non-slip backing, the bottom of the designed to remain stationary without slipping on the floor. -This mat is elegantly designed to look and feel like any home décor, with a special design that prevents food and water from spilling onto the floor....
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  • Dog Crate Cushion

    Dog crate cushion -Comfortable mats: Our dog cushions instantly turn any pet box into a comfortable rest mat and provide a full enjoyment for your furry friends. -Enjoy versatility: this is more than just a pet box mat. It can be used as a comfortable kennel mat, placed on...
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  • Polar Pooch Self Cooling Mat

    Polar pooch self cooling mat -Foldable and portable, folding easily carry your pet cooling pad with you, freeing your pet from heat. -The pet cooling pad is perfect for keeping your pet cool in hot weather. -Our durable pet mattresses are non-toxic and safe for animals,...
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  • Coral Fleece Pet Mats

    Coral fleece pet mats -Made from soft, high-quality coral fleece, the cute paw print design is the ideal gift for small pets, cats, dogs and kittens. This blanket is perfect for use on a sofa, bed or any place where you want to keep it clean. -Carry a blanket with you in the...
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  • Cat Litter Mat

    Cat litter mat -Microfiber material and unique design to capture a variety of waste, different lengths, different thicknesses and high density, fibers can be in full contact with your cat/s claws to collect any residual trash. -Let your cat enjoy unexpected comfort, it can...
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  • Soggy Doggy Mat

    Soggy doggy mat -Our mats have a higher water absorption rate than other common mats. -The only mat uses a heavier backing at the bottom to prevent slippage and movement. -It is durable and long-lasting design for long life. -Its anti-bacterial and ultra-tight woven materials...
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  • Dog Bed Mat

    Dog bed mat -Whether at home or on the go, you can use this soft plush pad on floors, sofas, beds, cars and more. -It can also be placed in a pet’s cage, so that your pet will not get cold at night, and build a warm and comfortable nest for your pet. -Because there is such a...
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  • Cat Bath Mats

    Cat bath mats -Microfiber material is safe and environmentally, soft and comfortable, no ball, no shrinkage, no fading, high water absorption, no stimulation, durable. -Your cat can stay on the mat after the shower and wait for it to dry. This will definitely not wet the...
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  • Dog Feeding Mat

    Dog feeding mat -Pet food mats come in a variety of sizes and designs to give your pet a stylish and inviting dining space and you can place it under the pet’s food and water bowl. -Ultra-absorbent and durable: This food pad absorbs any water stains, splashes, food stains or...
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