Dish Mats

Dish Mat is a kind of table article that can keep the table clean while eating. The colour of Dish mats is beautiful and diversiform, which approach people's life. Stronger friction can prevent glass from slipping and also protect desktop not to suffer hot.
It is also suitable to be used as bar counter mat,keep beer glass/bottle stable,for any business.
Basic Classification:
Made of microfiber:Insulation performance, non-slip, one side for kitchen placemats, bowl mats, placemats, pot racks, coasters, placemats, etc.
Dish Drying Mat: Quick drying.The special microfiber material can make the countertop drying better than any other drying pad.
3D dish drying mat: The ultra-fine material makes the dry pad easier to absorb moisture and keep the table dry. Available in a variety and it is easy to clean.
1. Protect table cloth: protect table cloth from oil stains, stains and other attacks, especially for the cotton tablecloth, so that the dining mat can completely avoid the situatiin of not easy to clean.
2. Heat insulation and sound insulation: avoid scalding the table or cutting the tableware.
3. Anti-skid function: it has the function of anti-skid and anti-shock, can prevent the tableware on the table from sliding at will, reduce the accident of tableware falling, breakage and so on.
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