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Anti Skid Mats Non Slip Rug Mats

Anti Skid Mats Non Slip Rug Mats


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The ground in a lot of families is covered with ceramic tile now, and once have water to slip easily above, one can slip carelessly when walking. Especially when there are old people and children at home, so more attention should be paid to the ground anti-skid problem. Therefore, our Anti Skid Mats Non Slip Rug Mats just give a perfect solution to this problem. It is ideal for kitchen drawers, cabinet/ wardrobe shelves, working table, etc. In addition to the anti-skid function, it also has the hydrophobic function, which can quickly drain the water, keep the ground dry. 

We have a variety of color of Anti Skid Mats Non Slip Rug Mats for you to choose, can match at will when joining together, which beautiful and useful.


-One of the most effective carpets you will have, lightweight and understated carpet mats. Also it is great for sofa cushions and mattresses.

-In addition, this anti skid mat is designed to easily vacuum and help prevent the accumulation of dust, mold and odor.

-This carpet mat can be trimmed to match the size of the carpet. A mat can be cut to add durability and protective padding to all kitchen or bathroom drawers.


Item Name: Anti Skid Mats Non Slip Rug Mats


Weight: 626g

Material:100% polyester

Color: purple/ customized color


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