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The uniqueness of microfiber
Jan 18, 2019

Now the towel materials are very particular, especially on the clothes, so now many manufacturers are producing and making clothes using microfiber. Why? Let's let Junmao's Xiaobian come to answer for you.
Since the microfiber has a small diameter, the bending rigidity is small, and the fiber feel is particularly soft; because of its large specific surface area, the coverage, bulkiness, and warmth retention of the microfiber fabric are remarkably improved, and the specific surface area is large. The fiber is more in contact with dust or oil, and the oil has a greater chance of penetrating from the gap between the fiber surfaces, so it has a strong cleaning function;
The ultrafine fiber is made into an ultra-high-density fabric, and the gap between the fibers is between the diameter of the water droplet and the diameter of the water vapor droplet, so that the ultra-fine fabric has a waterproof and vapor-permeable effect;
The ultrafine fibers have many fine pores between the microfibers to form a capillary structure, and if processed into a towel-like fabric which can be wetted by water, it has high water absorption, and the washed hair can quickly bring water with the towel. Aspirate, make hair dry quickly
With such a good material, how can we not use microfiber?

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