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The price and difference of yoga mat in yoga products
Aug 24, 2018

Method of resolution:

(1) It is a single-sided embossed yoga mat. In fact, this is the technology of moisture-proof mats and non-slip mats. The history of producing yoga mats in China is only about three years. Most of the manufacturers now produce mats and mats. Although the manufacturer is essentially different from the craft of producing yoga mats, the appearance process is similar. The purchase of the yoga mat production line is huge, and the manpower and financial resources are huge. The mats and anti-slip mats are both raw material cost and production cost. Far less than the yoga mat, so simply put the appearance of the mat and mat to make a yoga mat shape, and act as a yoga mat for sale. The international standard craft of yoga mats in yoga products is printed on both sides with a pattern on one side and a small pattern on one side. The venues and venues for practicing yoga are different (wood floors, grass, marble, etc.), and the anti-slip effect is different. The double-sided printing pattern is used to adapt to different grounds to achieve the best anti-slip performance. Save a process, the cost naturally drops a lot.

(B) This is another point of defense of yoga mats, "PVC foam" and "PVC" technology, do not look at the difference between the two words, the process can be different, the foaming technology involves temperature regulation and elastic cavity generation The process, the machine used is also dedicated, this process is the key to the mat resilience. Because PVC does not have this process, it is only made up of raw materials, so the weight is also relatively heavy (usually about 2.5 kg, yoga mat is 1.5 kg). Regular yoga mat craft, with elastic holes in the middle of the mat.

(3) The ripstop fiber layer inside the yoga mat, 4*4mM square grid spacing, 152 warp threads, 432 latitude lines, distributed in the center of the mat in the form of a mesh, and the latitude and longitude lines are simultaneously stressed and dispersed. Local tension.

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