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Precautions for using microfiber
Jan 02, 2019

1. When cleaning furniture, home appliances, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, flooring, shoes, and clothing, be sure to use wet towels, not dry towels, because dry towels are not easy to clean after being soiled.
2, special note: the towel must be cleaned in time after dirty or sticky tea (staining agent), can not wait for half a day or even one day to clean.
3, dishwashing towels can not be used to wash iron pans, especially rusty iron pans, the rust on the iron pan will be sucked by the towel, not easy to clean.
4, can not use the iron to iron towels, can not touch more than 60 degrees of hot water.
5, can not be washed in the washing machine with other clothes (towel adsorption is too strong, if washed together, it will stick a lot of hair, dirty things), can not use bleach and soft wash towels and other products.
6, the delicate skin of young people and babies in the early days of use, do not use too much force on the beauty towel, gently rub, after a few days no problem. (Because the ultra-fine towel is quite thin, it is 1/200 of the hair silk, the cleaning is very thorough and the adsorption is strong.)

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