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How to use a towel scientifically and scientifically
Jan 11, 2019

Through investigation and experiment, the towels are wet, not often washed and dried, not often disinfected, irregularly replaced, multi-person one towel and one towel will produce a lot of bacteria. Whether the method of using towels is correct or not is closely related to human health, especially skin diseases. Therefore, the experts of the research group proposed the scientific and correct use of towels as follows:
1. Develop the habit of using dry towels. Dry them in time after use. Do not hang in the bathroom with high humidity for a long time, and do not provide conditions for bacterial growth;
2, develop the habit of washing towels and diligent drying, use neutral detergent to ensure the softness of the towel, wash and dry to dry;
3, towels can not be used for a long time, but can not be used "indefinitely", should be replaced with new towels regularly, a reasonable update time is 3 months, if it can not be updated regularly, the towel should be disinfected and sterilized to extend the use time.
4, put an end to "multiple people a towel" and "one towel multi-use". Family members can not use a towel together, especially between adults and children can not use a towel together, personal towels should wash, bath, wash feet Such as strict separation of different uses, effectively cut off the path of bacterial cross-infection.
Sterilization method:
1, the microwave oven sterilization 3-5 minutes, the sterilization rate of 98% or more, the effect is fast, green and environmentally friendly; boiled water for 5 minutes, can kill the general bacteria and bacterial propagules, but easy to fade, not recommended to use;
2, the pressure cooker steamed for 10-15 minutes, the sterilization rate reached 100%, but easy to fade, it is not recommended to use frequently;
The formation of this conclusion is based on the research results of the research group commissioned by the China National Textile Association. It is hoped that this conclusion will play a role in guiding the correct consumption concept in the industry, so that consumers can recognize the misunderstanding of the use of towels and stay away from the misunderstanding. Attach importance to mastering the methods of scientific use of towels to provide useful help for people's quality of life.

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