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How to properly clean the yoga mat
Aug 24, 2018

1. Always wipe and keep clean.

Regardless of the material of the yoga mat, you need to wipe it regularly to keep it clean. Practicing yoga on a clean yoga mat will bring a pleasant peace of mind. If the material is inconvenient to wipe, it can be cleaned regularly, dried, and used again.

2, the mat is not afraid of oil.

The yoga mat needs to have anti-slip function when used, so the mat will be afraid of oil and should not be touched by any oily objects. Otherwise, the anti-slip function will be destroyed and it will not be used normally. When storing, avoid the kitchen, warehouse, etc. where it may stick to the oil, it is best to put a bag on the outside of the yoga mat.

3. Do not stick to the transparent tape.

The viscous tape is sticky enough to damage the surface material layer of the yoga mat, causing the surface of the suede yoga mat to be uneven.

4, can not be exposed to the sun.

The cleaned yoga mat should be placed in a cool place to ventilate and dry. Remember not to take a yoga mat to expose it to the sun. Yoga mats after sun exposure can cause materials to become denatured and soften, affecting normal daily use. When going to outdoor yoga, it is best to choose the time between morning and evening, when the sun is not too strong, it is more appropriate.

5, you should always use the total roll.

Yoga practice should be diligent, and yoga mats will always be used. One of the best ways to maintain a yoga mat is to use it often, not always on the roll. It is best to practice 3-5 times a week so that the yoga mat can reach this frequency.

6. Do not use organic materials to clean the mat.

Remember to wash the mat with organic materials, such as gasoline, when cleaning. Just wipe with water. If you feel really dirty, you can also take a neutral detergent a little, after the stain is wiped off, rinse it under the flowing water.

7, remember to completely dry and then roll up.

After cleaning the yoga mat, remember to completely dry it and then roll it up. Don't roll up the suede yoga mat before it has completely evaporated. This will cause the surface materials to stick to each other and affect daily use.

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