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Different yoga mats suitable for the practice stage and crowd
Aug 24, 2018

Yoga mats play a powerful role in yoga practice, helping to prevent slipping and prevent the ground from harming the body. If you want to practice yoga well, you can't do without the yoga mat! Face all kinds of yoga. Pad, a lot of novices but don't know how to choose the yoga mat that suits them. Here are the differences between the different materials and the applicable crowds for the novices!

Yoga is a fitness weight loss exercise favored by female friends. Especially many white-collar women like to go to the gym to practice yoga after work, so you need to prepare some yoga exercises, such as yoga clothes and yoga mats. So the question is, which yoga mat is suitable for beginners? Which kind of yoga mat is the most durable? How do you judge whether a yoga mat is suitable for you?

Naturally-made rubber mats are made of natural rubber, linen, TPE, PVC, NBR, etc.

In this detailed glimpse of this different yoga mat suitable for the practice phase and crowd.

The natural rubber mat is the most costly and environmentally friendly compared to other materials. The smell of the new natural rubber mat can be quickly dissipated (the smell of the raw material itself, unless the seller opens the mat in advance to smell), it will not have any body The impact, resilience and slip resistance are good, and it is durable, the use time is 4, 5 times of PVC material, but due to the material, it is relatively heavy. Suitable for very experienced Gaya people, of course, local tyrants please feel free!

The material used for the linen mat is actually natural linen + natural rubber. The slip resistance is the best in all yoga mats, and it is also very durable. This material is very wear-resistant and sweat-absorbing! Therefore, many middle and high-level yoga practitioners like this kind of mat, which is moderately thick and not easy to cause injury. And from the texture, from the value of the face, press the mat of other materials. If you want to be a good fit with yoga for a hundred years, it is highly recommended! By the way, teach you a little trick to judge the true and false rubber pads: the real rubber mat itself will emit a very natural weak rubber aroma, which gradually fades over time, but will not completely disappear.

TPE material yoga mat, I give it the positioning of high-end professional, this material is a special environmentally friendly material, recyclable, reusable, anti-slip effect, resilience, tear resistance, soft, affixed, grip Extremely strong. For junior and intermediate yoga practitioners, it is simply a gospel, because the price is moderate, the domestic market price is about 200, so the economical, professional yoga mat, Xiaobian really recommended ~ simply the fighter in the mat!

The PVC mat is very suitable for beginners. It is soft and has a protective effect on beginners. The sex ratio is very high, and the anti-slip function is also good. Many consumers prefer it. There are also a few tips for purchasing this material mat: The first point is the smell. Take a PVC mat for yoga. Don’t open it. Smell the top of the mat with your nose. If there is a pungent smell, it is probably quality. But off; again, use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the yoga mat and try the pressure resistance and resilience. Third, use a rubber eraser to wipe the yoga mat to see if the material is easy to break or if there is any trace when pulling. Fourth, gently push the surface of the mat with the palm of the hand, there must be a dry feeling; the fifth point, pay attention to the size, most of the size is 173cmx61cm, if you think this size is not big enough, you can watch it when you buy clear.

NBR yoga mat, thick and very soft, is more suitable for flat support, sit-ups and other sports, suitable for home use, the price is quite high, and the size of this material mat is relatively large, length Up to 183-185cm, boys can also use.

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