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Difference in thickness of sports mat yoga mat and fitness mat
Aug 24, 2018

Why is the difference in thickness between yoga mats and fitness mats so large? 1. The main function of the fitness mat is protection and cushioning. If the thickness is too thin, it will not be able to act as a buffer and be injured or uncomfortable. 2. The main functions of the yoga mat are: anti-slip, protection, stability, yoga mat too thick, many beginners and even seniors will have a standing instability, when the thickness of the yoga mat will lose the substantial role of the yoga mat. So the yoga mat can't be too thick, the fitness mat can't be too thin!

Size difference

The yoga mat has a strict standard size of 610×1730 (international standard); 610×1830 (extended); 800×1830 (widened); 1200×1830 (double). The fitness mat is very free in all sizes. On the one hand, the yoga mat is subject to strict body style and function and the body shape. The fitness mat is not strictly limited. It is basically determined by the manufacturer's will, but many The manufacturer has the same size as the yoga mat to confuse the fitness mat, and the fitness mat is sold as a yoga mat.

Functional difference

Yoga Mat: Anti-slip, protection The ultimate goal is to make yoga more precise and make the movement more stable to achieve the original purpose of the fitness mat.

Fitness mat: cushioning, protection The most important purpose is to reduce the motion cushioning force to protect the joints and thus protect them.

The difference is similar but the two mats are completely different. The thickness of the yoga mat and the fitness mat are different and the materials are different.

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