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Comparison of microfiber glasses cloth and ordinary glasses cloth
Jan 02, 2019

Microfiber glass cloth is made from microfiber fabrics, and the surface of the microfiber fabric is covered with many tiny spatulas, which can scoop up and store dirt, making this fabric super Strong cleaning ability, as well as a lot of gaps between the filaments of the fabric, these gaps can absorb dust, grease, dirt, until washed with water or soap, detergent, also greatly increased the cleaning ability, it can also Absorbs a lot of water, which makes the microfibers have a strong water absorption. Also, since moisture is only stored in the voids, the lens cloth can be quickly dried out, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.
     Ordinary glasses are made only of ordinary fabrics, while ordinary fabrics only accumulate and push dirt. There will be residues left on the surface being cleaned. Because there are no voids to hold the dirt, the surface can be dirty and difficult to clean.
     It can be seen that the superfine fiberglass cloth has a stronger ability than the ordinary glasses cloth, so the use of the microfiber glasses cloth is the correct choice.

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