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Buying a comfortable and natural yoga mat is the first priority
Aug 24, 2018

For beginners, clothing is the most basic equipment. We can often see that the movements of yoga are soft and the amplitude is relatively large, so the yoga practice clothes must not be too tight. Too close to the clothes, the stretch of the movement is not good, the yoga clothes we see are basically tight and loose, the top is generally relatively tight, but the pants are definitely loose, this is to facilitate the action . As long as the top can wear your own temperament, the pants are mainly loose and casual.

Comfortable and natural

Because yoga has a lot of movements that stretch all over the body, and it's not just a few angles of action. Therefore, if you wear loose and comfortable cotton and linen, it is very ventilated and comfortable, but sometimes it will be inflexible because of the fabric. sense. In addition, because of our movements, there may be shoulders, etc., posture on the head and down, if the underwear is too loose, there will be a dilemma of sliding down, but the abdomen or legs are exposed.

Wear moisture wicking fabric. Although this material is not pure natural material, it has an advantage: after sweating, it is better than cotton cotton, and it will not stick to the body because of wet clothes. It may last longer than eczema. Discomfort. There are still many types of fabrics that absorb moisture and perspiration. It is recommended that you compare more different qualities, choose a more detailed texture, and the best yoga mat is better. Some of the fabric's chemical fiber is very heavy, and it seems to be wrapped in a thick nylon cloth.

Protect the navel from exposure

You don't have to wear too tightly to protect the navel. Most of the yoga mat practitioners have a common point, that is, they don't like too many accessories on the underwear, and the clothes are too tight. Especially the elastic band of underwear, if it is too tight, not only does it feel uncomfortable on the body, but also affects the movement of the diaphragm and the lung cavity when breathing. In addition, if there is a buckle such as a buckle on the abdomen, it will make the movement of the abdomen such as the bow type and the mites type more difficult, isn't it?

Although most of us wear elastic fabrics, in order to show the curve, wearing a small one's underwear will also make your own action Kaka. This is also the place where the yoga clothes and the rhythm clothes are not the same: the yoga clothes do not necessarily emphasize the appearance of the breast or the waist, but the wearable comfort can do the action.

In addition, I know that some girls will bring some accessories on their hands and items to make them look more beautiful. However, it is still recommended to remove the accessories including rings and necklaces to make them more relaxed and less cumbersome to do yoga. They are not distracted by the attention of these external accessories.

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