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Analysis of water absorption of microfibers
Jan 02, 2019

Water absorption refers to the ability of a fiber to absorb liquid water.
    The water absorption of the fibers can be achieved in three ways, both through the micropores of the fibers themselves, the surface of the fibers, and the capillaries formed by the gaps between the fibers. For the microfiber fabric, the interfiber gap is small, and it is easy to form a capillary between the fibers to absorb water. When the capillary radius is 1um, the suction height can reach 4.9m. Accordingly, the ultrafine fibers made of synthetic fibers can be woven with other natural fibers having a large amount of water absorption to form a bath towel or a sportswear, underwear, etc., and a comfortable feeling can be obtained.
    In recent years, there have also been reports on the use of multi-effect evaporation seawater desalination liquid absorbing materials. Superfine fiber household rags and mops have also been on the market.

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